Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What A Difference an "S" Makes

I have spent my entire life either trying to lose weight, actively losing weight, or wishing I was losing weight.  One of the things I will enjoy about Heaven is knowing I won’t have to think about my weight!  Seriously, though, healthy eating and exercise are a huge part of my everyday life.  My husband and I are very aware of everything we put in our body.  We expect our bodies to always be on active duty and fully prepared for the demands we make.  With that expectation comes the responsibility of caring for that body.  My recent book, If My Body Is A Temple, Why Am I Eating Doughnuts?, tells my story of losing one hundred pounds.  It is a Biblical journey yielding information on what is good for your body.  Today, though, I want to think about the difference one little letter can make.  I am always seeking ways to burn fat.  There are foods I can consume that are fat burning, and there are foods I can consume that are fast burning.  See the difference?  One little letter – s – changes the word “fat” to “fast”.  If I am consuming “fast” burning foods like pasta, white bread, bakery items, potatoes, chips, I am missing the chance to consume “fat” burning foods.  I make it a personal mission to keep a balance in the carbs, fat, proteins, and calories I consume.  I use www.myfitnesspal.com to help me achieve this goal.  I also use AdvoCare products.  Why go to all this effort?  I have great plans for the future.  Part of those plans includes being the best caregiver possible to my Momma as she travels the journey of dementia.  I need my body to carry me through the challenges I will face in accomplishing those plans.  When you make plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner, be sure to think about the “s” in your diet.  Are you eating fat burning foods or fast burning foods?  Healthy eating!

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