Monday, June 24, 2013


I like to talk. I like to write. I like words. This video, however, needs no further words or comments to make its point. I hope it changes your caregiving world and gives you SOMETHING TO PONDER. 

Monday, June 17, 2013


Making the move to an assisted living or group home can be difficult work.  Physically, it requires a bit of “muscle power” to get the job done.  However, the real work happens much earlier.
Making the decision to move to an assisted living or group home is the most difficult part of the process.  Let me help you think it through.
I recently had the wonderful opportunity to interview Dr. M. Reza Bolouri, MD – Alzheimer’s Memory Center, and I asked his opinion on the mental and physical stimulation obtained through group living and music therapy.  “Mental and physical stimulation, including music therapy, are better than any drugs I can give.  I can assure of that.  It is a proven fact.” stated Dr. Bolouri.”   I couldn’t agree more.
I often see new residents arrive at an assisted living facility filled with apprehension of the unknown.  We all remember how the unknown can be fearful.  However, once the unknown becomes known, life feels better.  This is true in our senior years, also.  These same residents, who are facing the unknown, quickly realize life is good at an assisted living.  They are cared for, watched over, entertained, and treated like royalty. 
The opportunity to interact with other seniors who are similar to each other also brings about a sense of calm and peace.  It is not by accident that we gravitate to people who are similar to us.  Senior citizens will do the same.  Spending their days with other senior citizens is normal and comfortable.
Don’t travel the journey alone.  No matter where in the country you live, Senior Life Journeys can help you find the perfect new home for your loved one.  We advise you on the questions to ask, the variables to be aware of, and the options to explore.  If you live close by, we travel with you to tour the facilities!  Best of all, our service is totally FREE!  Let Senior Life Journeys help with the hard part – deciding!  803-984-9875 

Thursday, June 13, 2013


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Monday, June 10, 2013


If you are like me, you don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish the many tasks that are required.  Having time to play would be an oddity of sorts.  While driving home this week, I noticed this lady and her young son jumping in and out of a puddle of water that accumulated after a morning rain.  They were having so much fun, and I just had to stop and talk with her.
I am impressed how this young mother did two very important things.   
1.    She took time to play with her son.  I am sure she had more pressing matters that could have grabbed her attention, but playing with her handsome little boy became her priority.
2.   She didn’t spend a dime, but she brought so much happiness to her son’s days and her day, also.
What can we learn from this in regards to dementia and playing?  Play with your loved one who has dementia.  Maybe they like to beat you at Rummy. (I think my sister is a little surprised how Momma can beat her almost every time they pull out the cards!)  Maybe they enjoy puzzles.  Maybe they like going for a walk.  Maybe it is rummaging through the treasures at a consignment shop or thrift store.  Whatever it is they enjoy, make some time this week to participate with them in the activity.
For Momma, my sister, and myself, we are planning a rip-roaring Sunday afternoon of Rummy and homemade vegan pizza.  Want to join us?
Hope that gives you SOMETHING TO PONDER.