Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dementia and Afghans

I could write and give you all the details regarding the thousands of things I need to accomplish (and that is just during the next 24 hours), but I am sure you are swamped with packages to wrap, house cleaning to accomplish, menus to consider, and so on.  So, I am doubtful you will feel too much sympathy for my plight.

Momma, on the other hand, is so very busy giving serious consideration as to whether she should crochet full-size afghans or baby afghans.  Oh my, what a tough decision, indeed.  Actually, I am proud of the afghans she makes.  As you can see in the picture, I have one on my office chair, and I even use one as a table covering.  However, I say with a sigh, there comes a time you just don’t need any more afghans.  All the children, grandchildren, friends, and acquaintances are proud owners of one or more of her handmade creations.

This week I had the brilliant idea of contacting my church to see if they could help with distribution.  Happy days are here again!  They want all she can make.  Oh man, they don’t know how quickly my Momma can whip up these things.

Anyway, Momma’s crocheting is so good for her.  She enjoys keeping her hands busy (that becomes important in about the third stage of dementia), she likes to be creative, and she thrills to share her work with others.  Momma’s budget is feeling the pinch of purchasing all this yarn, but the goodwill her afghans produce and the health benefits for Momma are priceless.

Way to go, Momma.  Keep on stitching!  Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.

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