Tuesday, July 16, 2013

LET'S TALK DEMENTIA - A Caregiver's Guide - Amazon Best Seller

This review of LET'S TALK DEMENTIA-A Caregiver's Guide was recently posted on Amazon. 

"Let's Talk Dementia is a helpful guide for anyone who is in the position to be a caregiver or friend of someone with dementia. Carol Howell presents a very clear definition of dementia and the various forms and stages of this disorder. She focuses primarily on Alzheimers, since that is the most common cause of the confusion and memory issues of dementia. Although helpful medical information is included in this book, the main thrust of the message is how to enter into the world of someone with dementia and navigate a helpful relationship with him or her. Sprinkled with humor and punctuated with very specific, hands on suggestions, Carol delivers a layman's guide which will be helpful to anyone facing this type of decline in a family member or friend. She speaks from personal experience with her own mother and grandmother as well as from her training and work with adults struggling with dementia. Highly recommended read!".

It is available in paperback and e-reader formats.

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