Monday, March 10, 2014

Dementia and The Little Things

I love surprise gifts.  Christmas gifts and birthday gifts are fantastic.  But a gift in the middle of the cold winter months when I am least expecting one is fantastic.  During Christmas 2013, I decided to surprise my husband with a small gift each day for about a week.  These gifts were placed in a super cute mailbox.   If the flag went up, he knew it was time to “check the mail”.   He received a bookmark, cookies, a gift certificate to purchase ice tea at his favorite lunch spot, and even a book.  It was fun.
If you are caregiving for someone with dementia, don’t forget to offer little surprises. My mother, who has mid-stage Alzheimer’s, loves to be greeted by someone offering a small little gift.  Momma needs NOTHING.  Needing something is not the point. Momma just enjoys the fun of receiving an unexpected expression of kindness. Maybe it is vegan cookies from our local health food store, a pretty pen to work her word search puzzles, a single rose for her vase, or any of a hundred different ideas. Momma just likes being thought of.

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