Sunday, July 15, 2012

I've Got The Bruise To Prove It

This has been my year for medical stuff.  Yes, stuff.  I had surgery in February, five thingies removed from my skin and biopsied in June, skin cancers removed in July, and blood tests along the way.  My most recent blood test was an “Executive Panel”.  (If you are a blue-collar worker, do you still get an “Executive Panel”?  Hmm???)  Now I have a bruise, which is a  very interesting shade of green, on the bend of my left arm.  The blood test was painless, thankfully, but the bruise looks really bad.  It should garner me some sympathy, but, alas, it has not done so.
I am thankful the skin cancers were the “good type of cancer”, and the blood work showed me to be in excellent health. However, did you know that only three out of ten people living with dementia get diagnosed in the early stage of their disease?  That amazes me.  When Momma first began having issues, I threw her in the car, and off to the doctor we headed.  OK, maybe it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but I really did act quickly.  As a result, Momma was started on the medications very early in her disease process.

Why is this important?  First of all, it takes the mystery out of life when we know with what we are dealing.  Secondly, the diagnosis will allow us to learn about the disease and become better caregivers and even better patients.  Thirdly, the earlier dementia is diagnosed and the earlier the individual begins the proper medications, the more effective the medications are in bringing about positive results.

Get diagnosed.  Don’t put it off.  Then seek help to learn about dementia.  I am here to listen.  I am here to help.  Let’s do this together.  Email me at

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