Sunday, July 29, 2012

She Is Forgetting More Frequently

Momma was diagnosed about six years ago with Alzheimer's type dementia.  She is very well aware of her disease, and she has grasped a rudimentary understanding of what is happening within her brain.  She is not upset about the process, and she very much wants to live her life to its fullest.

This week, my husband asked if I was aware of how Momma has slipped a little more in the past months.  I instantly became defensive.  “I don’t think she is any different at all.”  Being the kind and patient soul he is, he gently helped me to see Momma is forgetting recent events more frequently.  After I caught my breath, I had to admit he was correct.

So what!  That may seem a strange response to such a big announcement.  However, I believe God has a plan, and His grace is sufficient (II Corinthians 12:9).

I really wish I could change the future into a perfect life for all of us.  I especially wish this for those I love.  I cannot do this, and neither can you.  I can trust in God, lean on my family, and understand the processes that are taking place inside my mother’s brain.  Remember, “Knowledge brings POWER.  Power brings HOPE.  Hope brings SMILES.  We all need more SMILES!"

I like this picture.  I can just hear you saying, "They look like twins."  We hear that quite often. I always take that as a compliment.  I believe my Momma is one more good looking woman.   Momma is 73 years old, and I am, well, less than 73 years old.

                                                 (Photograph by Maggie Bell-Niven)

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