Monday, August 19, 2013

Dementia and Toileting

There are facts about life that will always remain the same regardless of age.  These facts can be personal.  One such fact regards toileting . 
If you have ever changed a baby's diaper, it was most likely not something routinely done in a public setting.  From infancy through potty training, teaching children the importance of privacy in regards to bathroom activities is important.

We never want a child to feel nature is anything less than normal, however we do not necessarily enjoy the experience of cleaning a child after "nature" has paid a visit.  There is no denying it, diaper changing is not always a pleasant experience. 
As we age, we often lose the ability to control the bladder and bowels.  This incontinence can be embarrassing and frustrating for both the senior citizen and their caregiver.  It brings back reminders of earlier years when nature called.  The odor that accompanies the need for a change is the same no matter the age of the individual.  The difference between a cute little infant or toddler needing special attention, compared to that of a mature adult, can be hard to accept. 
Showing respect to the individual and their needs, remembering bodily functions continue throughout life, and recognizing the limitations of each individual will make the process of caregiving easier.  Babies, toddlers, or mature individuals... we all deserve proper respect when "nature" calls.  I hope this give you Something To Ponder.


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