Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dementia and Friendship

It is always impressive when an individual takes their job seriously.  When the tasks being performed are enjoyable, and the individual is working to the best of their ability, then everyone's life is enriched through the process.  This is true in caregiving, also. 
Caregiving is often exhausting work.  However, the work is made more enjoyable and the tasks easier when genuine interest and concern are part of the experience.  Learning about the individual, hearing stories from the past, discovering their likes and dislikes, can all prove to enhance the caregiving experience.  For example, what side of the bed do they normally sleep on?  Do they put a small amount of milk on their cereal, or do they like a large amount?  What high school did they attend?  Who was their first date with?  
We can't make friendships with people we meet unless we talk and find out about one another.  There has to be a sharing of life values and concerns in order to form relationships.  The same is true for caregivers.  Most senior citizens are happy to share stories about their lives, and they delight in having someone take interest in them.  
Ask questions that will lead to pleasant stories.  Be prepared for long stories, but they will be stories that produce a better caregiving situation.  Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.


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