Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dementia and Being Different

Everyday I spend time with folks who have dementia.  The cause of their dementia may vary from person to person, and the symptoms of the dementia may change daily.  However, as different as each person is, they are all similar and can get along quite nicely.
This picture shows my bed.  Yes, I really do put all these pillows on my bed each  morning, and my husband removes them nightly.  There is a total of ten pillows and six fabrics on my bed.  Each of these fabrics is unique and totally different from the other, but each of these fabrics blend quite nicely to make the pretty bed I admire each day.  Different yet the same.  Individual yet common.
People with dementia are different, yet they are the same people we have always known.  While they are constantly changing and shifting, deep within them is the individual we have always loved. 
People with dementia are common.  The symptoms they experience are often seen repeated in other people.  Don’t think your loved one is unusual or strange when you see a certain behavior.  Chances are it is a behavior that has been observed many times before.
Being different can be good.  Being the same can be good.  I hope that gives you Something To Ponder.


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