Saturday, September 8, 2012

Momma, A Salad, and Frozen Yogurt

If you have read my blogs in the past, you know I am in serious love with my Momma.  She is the best thing since sliced bread, cameras on a phone, DVRs, and, well, anything else you might imagine.

Recently, I have been concerned that Momma is not eating enough vegetables.  So, I have started taking her out for salad once a week.  We have a McAllister’s Deli in our town, and Momma can make a Savannah Chopped Salad disappear.  Now the point of this blog is not to promote McAllister’s Deli, but that Savannah Chopped Salad is one more happy experience.

What makes me happier, by far, is watching Momma enjoy eating.  After we finish the salad, we wander next door and fill a cup with several flavors of frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf Yogurt.  Now Momma has a sense of humor that is quick.  She will ask me to get her samples starting on the left hand side of the store.  By the time we get to the right hand side of the store, she will have forgotten having tasted the yogurt from the left hand side.  “Pookie (yes, that’s my nickname), did I taste those flavors over there?”  “Yes, Momma.”  “Well, I don’t remember.  Let’s do it again,” she will reply.  “Momma, you can’t milk this Alzheimer’s thing.  You are going to have to actually BUY some of this yogurt, or they will throw us out,” I tell her.  Momma laughs and proceeds to fill a cup with most any flavor they have.  Momma’s cup is full, and my cup, unfortunately, only has a small portion.  We top that yogurt with one – count ‘em ONE – M&M each.  Invariably, Momma will say, “There is no way I will eat all this yogurt,” and, invariably, Momma will somehow  work her way through every last bite of this delicious end of her meal.  We sit together in the car and splurge on this treat, laugh at the fact we are eating with spoons shaped like shovels (something about that just doesn’t seems right), and we just have a great time together.

Yes, I love my Momma – Alzheimer’s and all.  I’m gonna love on her every chance I get.  I hope this gives you Something To Ponder.

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