Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dementia and Memory Music

People with dementia are among my favorite people on the planet.  They sing with me, smile with me, and make music with me.  The wonderful hand instruments we use bring out their natural rhythm.  It is a fun and amazing experience.

This week we introduced music therapy to folks in a memory care facility.  One gentleman, very advanced in his dementia, was crying, showing signs of agitation, and very distracted from the activities his caregiver was trying to interest him in.  My approach was slow and gentle.  As he reached for my hand, I stepped closer.  Kneeling down beside him, stroking his face, I began singing “Jesus Loves Me”.  After a few minutes, he calmed, looked me directly in the eye and sang a few words.

I released his hand, and he grabbed my shoulder, worked his way down my arm, and once again held my hand.  Upon accomplishing that task, he smiled broadly.  We connected.  For just a few minutes, this wonderful man and I were communicating in a way like only music can accomplish.

Sing with your loved ones, even if they have dementia.  It is the most amazing experience.  Don’t miss it.  Senior Life Journeys is here to offer Music Therapy to your loved ones.  Drop me a note for more information. Hope that gives you Something To Ponder.

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