Monday, April 15, 2013

Dementia and Sleeping Late

Raise your hand if a nap would make you happy?  Raise your hand if you had to get up early?  Raise your hand if you can’t wait for Saturday to roll around so you can sleep late.
Most of us spend our lives getting up early, working all day, taking care of household chores after work, and going to bed pooped (that’s a Southern word for exhausted).  Then, as the saying goes, “Second verse, same as the first”.  In other words, we get up the next day and repeat the process.
It seems when senior citizens move to an assisted living facility, everyone thinks they need to maintain this schedule of getting up early.  We are told breakfast is served at eight o’clock, so EVERYONE needs to get up.  I have a different view point. 
My Momma gets up when Momma wants to get up.  If you want to see a grouchy Momma, tell her to get up every morning and trot herself down to breakfast.  You might want to be prepared for her response.  She wants to get up slowly, gently, and eat her vegan cookie while she sits in her recliner.  In my opinion, there ain’t nothing wrong with that!  (Yes, I said “ain’t”.  It just makes my point a bit more clearly.) 
Just because someone thinks your loved SHOULD do something does not mean they are correct.  Look at the situation.  Does it really matter?  Will it improve their life?  Is there an alternative?  Be flexible, folks.  Everyone will be happier!  Hope that gives you Something To Ponder!

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