Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dementia and Talking Crazy

OK, you need to know something at the git-go.  Dementia causes ME – the caregiver – to say crazy things.  There are times when I wonder who has Alzheimer’s.  Is it Momma, or is it me?  Let me tell you why.
I have a very clear understanding of the fact my mother has Alzheimer’s.  I can tell you the details of the day she was diagnosed, chapter and verse.  I can explain what is happening inside her brain, and I can even anticipate SOME of what the future may hold for her and our family.  However, I say with a sigh, I still start sentences with, “Hey Momma, do you remember ….”  Then is when I want to get my brain scanned.
Fortunately, Momma has a sense of humor, and she usually has a comeback like, “Have YOU forgotten I have dementia?  Because I have not forgotten that little fact.” 
Caregiving is a challenge.  Sometimes I say things that make me question my own sanity, but one thing is always certain.  I love that woman like there is no tomorrow.  I’m also very glad she is patient with me while I figure out this business of being the kind of daughter that makes her Momma happy – despite the Alzheimer’s.  Hope that gives you Something To Ponder. 

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